Sour Strawberry Gummies

I just noticed your username lol. I’d be interested in buying these. How many mg/ea? Did you happen to make either a granola or cereal...

Korean Inspired Braised Short Ribs

Braised short ribs!

Steak & Cheese with sautéed onions

Puerto Rican Empanadas in Indianapolis

Ram-Don (Jjapaguri uc9dcud30cuad6cub9ac) from the movie "Parasite"!


A Moment of Clarity

Just nature & my sandwich

Lemon pepper shrimp and Parmesan risotto with garlic roasted carrots

[Homemade] Japanese A5 Rank Wagyu Steak

It's probably actually cake Looks a little rare for my tastes but otherwise a nice slab of beef. Homemade? Did you grow the cow? Edit...

I think I’ve perfected my pancake game.

Please share with us lowly peasants your ways, oh pancake god! Best trick I ever learned was to mix whatever oil you were going to put...

Nigiri at Okinawa's Kuromon Market

My God this looks good *Osaka I have only been to the Kokusaidori fish market while I was in Okinawa. I really want to go back. Damn, t...

[Homemade] Peanut Butter Tim Tams

The recipe came from a website called “A beautiful Plate” and is called “Homemade Tim Tams.” For the filling I used the “Peanut Butter...

A West Valley restaurant cited for 4 violations in weekly inspection report

A Peoria restaurant was cited for four violations in this week's inspection report. Also see 20 high-scoring restaurants in metro Phoen...